How to use strategies from Best Binary Options Strategy

Unless noted otherwise, all strategies mentioned here need an application called Meta Trader 4 to be used with. For every stratégy, you will find on our website Best Binary Option Strategy, there’s a link to  a file sharing server containing a .zip or .rar archive with mandatory files. These archives always contain 2 folders. These must be copied to your Meta Trader Data folder.

Where to download Meta Trader 4

Get it here. After the file is downloaded, right-click on it a select Extract here. Open extracted folder (IronFX MetaTrader 4) and double-click terminal.exe.

If you don’t see option Extract here, download winrar.

Where to find Meta Trader Data folder

  1. Follow above steps to get and open Meta Trader 4.
  2. In Meta Trader 4 click top left on File > Open data folder
  3. Folder named like 50CA3asB520CC1A8F28Bj44D1BF2A5702 will be opened.
  4. This is our data folder. Copy downloaded strategy files here.
  5. Restart MT4
  6. Open new chart, i.e. EUR/USD.
  7. Right-click on an empty space in chart and select Template and choose strategy template which you want to use.
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