GOD Strategy Binary Option Trade + Video

GOD strategy is said to be one of the most successful strategies for binary options with one minute (60 seconds) expiration time. But is it true? It’s based on 3 indicators and its signals are relatively accurate. They are also generated very often. On average one signal every 15 minutes. Read on to see whether this strategy is profitable or not.

How to set up the chart

Timeframe: M1
Template: GOD Strategy (Working 2017 download)

How does this strategy work

For trading we use signals marked by arrows and circles. Black circles appear based on the use of the well known ADX indicator which itself can not be seen directly in this stratgy. However you can download it separately and insert it. The circles themselves are a pretty accurate signal.

The second signals are red arrows which are generated when the price leaves Bollinger bands. Third signal type of indication is a stochastic indicator which must be best according to our trade.

When to enter a trade

Placing a CALL trade:

  • A circle appears under the current candle
  • A red arrow pointing upwards appears under current or previous candle
  • Stochastic indicator points upwards
    • ► Open a Call trade for 60 seconds

Placing a PUT trade:

  • A circle appears above current candle
  • Red arrow pointing downwards appears above current or previous candle
  • Stochastic indicator points downwards
    • ► Open a Put trade for 60 seconds

What does this strategy look like?

nahled GOD strategie
This strategy is relatively accurate, as you can see

Real life video of this strategy

You can look at the video below to see how the strategy works. In the first part of the video, we tested it on EUR/USD on the 19. 1. 2017 (after midnight) and then the next day after noon.

Recommended broker for this strategy

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  1. BB bands repaint as always, usless anyway, those black dots are late, i have this on period 3 on adx, a non repainted one, still too late for a short time binary options trade, but if you like to gamble, it’s there. Much better on higher timeframes.

    1. I take it, from your reply, that you have downloaded the indicator and it is working with your metatrader platform. Could you please send me the link to download it and instructions to install it properly?

  2. It never appears on current candle it always appears on the previous candle during the next candle. Is that the right way to trade it?

  3. this is the best strategy ever , I never seen such magic , u just need to be quick to enter the trades , I see this as money machine , I hope every is testing until u get what works for you , god bless you guys

  4. Hi guys im really looking for a good indicator, im even willing to pay…does this one still produce good results?

  5. where you are from from suggest me the good timing to use this strategy i am from India you can cay in any timing zone i will convert and understand it.

  6. Has not much accuracy with 60 seconds has any one else better expiration time or another Trading style for this strategy ?
    I heard that in partner website with you that its 5 M expiration using only dots and ignore Arrows has any one idea ?
    Thanks Very Much

    1. I just tested this on a 5 Min Chart using 5 min expiries - four charts, from Euro through morning of US Session. Mind you it is only one day sample, but the ITM rate was 90% or better.

    2. This is Binary Option Live trading on IQ option platform with a unique free Strategy for 60 second (1 min) expiry that wins almost always. (However it can be used for 5 minutes or even higher timeframe as well) I show in this video how to make $20000 from $1000 in just 6 minutes :Contact me at:[email protected]

      1. Hi Brandon, would it be possible please to send me your video or Strategy descríption to my email,
        Thanks you a lot,
        Best regards,

      2. Please I need your assistance on the binary strategy that I can use to win at least 90% of my trade. Thanks and God bless

  7. What settings do you have for the Bollinger Bands, please. I have 20 and 2.5 and receive several arrow indicators, all of which are false. I had to add BBs because they did not download as part of the strategy download.

    Your screenshot displays two sets of BBs. Is this from a Bollitouch indicator? I also had to source a BB-alert as the one included with the download did not compile; nor did the P4L candletime. (I sourced that elsewhere, also.)

    Thank you.

      1. Lol - translated means ‚it works sometimes but not more than your odds’…. ie no difference using it or not.

      1. You do not have permission to access this page. Please contact your ISP, contact us on the technical support email, we will try to address the situation directly

        Hi, this is what the link says. What to do now?

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