How to get started with financial trading

Financial trading is one of the most attractive sides hustles that many people are starting to look at seriously. However, there are even more people who shy away from it, trying to avoid the risk. Or even worse, they’ve already had a bad experience and now they are considering the whole forex industry a big […]

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Trading ZAR currency, is it worth it?

It is actually quite hard to find brokers who offer currency pairs of not that popular countries. For example, if you go to a broker it is absolutely guaranteed that they will be featuring the strongest currency pairs like USD/EUR and GBP/USD. However you never really expect to see other customer currency pairs on the […]

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EUR/USD Price Action Strategy for Binary Options

This EUR/USD price action strategy is suitable for traders who are more experienced. You would need to use resistance and support lines as well as time patterns to make a profit when trading EUR/USD. This is not a purely mechanical strategy and needs some know-how to be used effectively.  There is one indicator only and […]

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Binary Options Strategy Tester

When it comes to using an indicator for binary options trading, it is always recommended to analyse it properly. And why not, when it can have all the chances to fail? For example, when you buy something essential and costly you will try to evaluate it first before you buy, right? Then why not do […]

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VIDEO TESTING: The strategy, that works??

Today, I have prepared a little video walkthrough for one of our strategies, that our readers seem to like quite a bit. It’s called the Strategy that works, and I don’t think it’s the best strategy - no it’s not. But it’s a fairly good one and it’s very simple. Binary Options ‘3’ Strategy That […]


Proven 60 Seconds Strategies: Should You Use Them?

As trading continues to show great advances you will see many innovations for the ways to get profits from the markets. And one such example are the 60-second binary options. This type of trading has become quite popular over a couple of years and a lot of trading brokers are now offering this trade to […]

Alerts when the price hits important levels (indicator)

Trading according to trend lines or support and resistance may be pretty profitable. Except a clear price action and technical analysis, for this type of trading, we can use some strategies from our web. For example: These strategies predominantly use indicators which mark either trend lines or lines of support and resistance. You don’t […]

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Top 5 Binary Options Trading Strategies

Binary options trading is trending the financial market. And with that comes many myths surrounding it. One of the commonest misconceptions is that only an experienced trader can consider trading binary options. Breaking such thoughts both experienced and novices are putting all their efforts to include binary options trading in their portfolios. The way to […]


How to read binary options charts

There’s lots of binary options strategies on this website. You will find strategies not only for trading 5 minute options and 15 minute options, but even short-term options such as 60 second binary options and long-term options for 60 minutes and more. All strategies are in the form of indicators and templates for Meta Trader […]