BOKAY Strategy Free Download + Video

BOKAY strategy is a very interesting strategy for binary option trade founded by certain German trader. It is mainly used for trading 5 and 15 minute options on a 5 minute chart. Many people ask me for the Binary BluePower Template – That is the same as BOKAY strategy, only with different colors! More info in video below.

How to set up the chart

Timeframe: M5
Template: BOKAY (Down strategy or use tinyupload) WORKING DOWNLOAD LINKS 2017

How to trade with this strategy

When to enter a trade

Buying CALL options:

  • Price is in the lower channel
  • Stochastic indicator points upwards
  • Red arrow pointing downwards appears

Buying PUT options:

  • Price is in the upper channel
  • Stochastic indicator points downwards
  • Red arrow pointing downwards appears

What does this strategy look like in meta trader

BOKAY strategy
This very profitable strategy uses many indicators as you can see

Binary BluePower Template

Many people want to download the BluePower template, which is the very same thing as the BOKAY template. I don’t have a download link for that strategy, I couldn’t find it, but look at the image below. It’s almost the same as BOKAY, so you don’t need to have it.

binary bluepower template
Binary BluePower Template

As you can see, it’s very similar. I am adding a youtube video below.

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  1. The link of BOKAY Strategy Free download + video
    it does not work, you can not download anything

  2. Link has been expired and it has been deleted form there. Please give me a new link for download.

  3. I just want to leave this here for any future readers. I have also experienced downloading mt4 from the main website and when it is installed it turns into mt5. one way around this is to use a broker like tradersway where you can create a demo account for free. you will then have access to their version of mt4.

  4. Hi, I downloaded the link but I’m not sure what software to use it with or how to operate it. I have both MT4 and MT5, could someone explain step by step how to operate it. Thanks

  5. I am totally not satisfied with this strategy.
    You can not compare with binary blue power.
    bokay used just the bollinger bands and that anyone can.

  6. For all those that are not able to download mt4 do this: search on google metatrader 4 download setup, then go on tools and put last month.

  7. I tried downloading MT4 but it always ends up downloading MT5. I have no idea why. Does this strategy require MT4 only. Is there any other platform that I can use that you know of?

  8. I just downloaded this link now, can I use it with Meta Trader 5 as well. And how do I load it? Hello anyone please HELP ME.

  9. Please help. Can I use this on Meta trader 5 as well? and how do I upload it?

    Anyone help please?

  10. I just downloaded this link now, can I use it with Meta Trader 5 as well. And how do I load it? Hello anyone please.

  11. Can you tell me when to enter trade? Im not sure if i have to wait for confiramtion or what

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