MARSI Strategy - Gaps and other trade signals

MARSI is a strategy that uses the lines of support and resistance. These are drawn automatically and we only need to pay attention when an arrow appears.

How to setup the chart

Timeframe: M5
Template: MARSI Strategy (Download this binary options strategy here; or download it here)

How does this strategy work

As soon as an arrow appears, we need to confirm that this is a real signal (The RSI indicator line is above or below 50, depending on the type of signal) – afterwards, open a trade for 3 times the timeframe. If you are using M5 timeframe, open a 15 minute trade. If you’re using M1 timeframe, the expiration time will be 3 or 5 minutes.

When to enter a trade

Entering a CALL trade:

  • Current candle is rising (black)
  • Green arrow is under previous candle
  • RSI indicator on current candle is below 50

Enterint a PUT trade:

  • Current candle is falling (white)
  • Red arrow is above previous candle
  • RSI indicator on current candle is above 50

Binary options MARSI strategy screenshots

MARSI strategy

Our results with this strategy

We have tested this strategy for a couple of days and the success rate was 78 %, which is not bad at all. If you want, I recommend this strategy to you. You can have a look at more detailed statistics underneath.

marsi strategy success rate

I don't like this strategyI like this strategy (-72 rating, 3 310 votes)

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  1. How did you get those %? It keeps repainting.
    What sessions is this best to trade?
    Any tips for how to get this working well?
    Thank you

    1. 8 am…12pm-5pm
      watch market news
      learn patterns of candlestick formations near zones of support and resistance, use raising scale to recover any loses, do not trade more than 3 loses in a row even its rare. You don’t need anything else for being profitable

  2. Hi
    what’s means Current candle is rising (black) or Current candle is falling (white), because to know it’s high candle or low I must wait to close or that means if the entry price is lower the top of the candle or higher than the lowest price of the candle?
    does anyone has good results with this strategy?

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