Types of Binary Options Strategies

Following today’s market, trading in binary options is the latest trend. Both matured and novice traders are including it in their bundle of investment portfolios.

However, similar to other online trading options, you must have a proper strategy to make money consistently. Relying only on luck in binary trading is not a good option as it will eventually not work out the way you want it to and will end in tossing all your valued investment. So, you will require a solid technique that can be used whenever you try to make money. And that strategy should be something that you have good grasp on and helps you in enhancing the chances of winning.

Generally, strategies are segregated into two main groups and they are as follows:

Betting model based strategies – Here, the thing that is expected is that the investor will employ betting strategies that might be or might not be in correspondence with financial markets. Strategies developed on the basis of the news can be the best example falling under this segment.

Market behavior strategies – These strategies are designed and formulated after carefully analyzing technical and statistical data that are readily available. Though these strategies are a bit difficult to understand they are the ones to rely upon due to their objectivity. However, the developers of this strategy have worked on ways to make the study easier and simple and one of the best ways have been the introduction of charts and surveys.

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Popular strategies in talks:

  • Fundamental Analysis Strategy

When you are an investor in binary options, you will be interested in knowing about the current financial position of the company you are considering buying. Balance sheet, income statement, p/l statement and cashflow statement are some documents that reveal the company status, so you should go through them. The other things to consider are the relationship with employees and business partners and the level of satisfaction. In short, this strategy is mainly concerned with the overall performance of the company and its major attributes.

  • Technical Analysis Strategy

This strategy deals with the study of the past by using different characters like charts to assess future prices of assets in the market. The main objective here is to predict the future value and not the intrinsic value of an asset. As it directly reveals the future price, you don’t have to go through the company’s financial statements; hence this strategy is quite popular among the masses as you don’t have to study much.

  • Basic Options Strategy

If you are an option trader then this strategy has been developed just for you. It is mainly formulated by a trader to protect himself from incurring losses from investments. When you select a particular asset and if the market trend takes its prices upward, you place a call option. Now at the same time, you must place a put option on the same asset too. In this way, you will be able to cushion yourself from the losses, if you suffer any.

More Binary Options Strategies

Why should you trade binary options?

  • It helps in eliminating the emotions from trading
  • It assists in better evaluation of trading opportunities.

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