Urban Towers Strategy - Awesome %

This strategy is coded onto one indicator and it is easy to determine director by looking at the direction of the arrows.


On the chart you can see 2 green arrows in an upward direction and the price is also moving up. The strategy works on trend following and only entering in the same direction the trend is moving after there has been a small retracement. The price needs to be above the Moving Averages and if the trend is upwards, look for Calls only. A retracement would be 3 candles with highs that are lower. Once the retracement shows, enter on break when the last candle’s high is reached (the opposite for a down trend). See diagram for a Call Entry using this strategy:

  • For a Call trade: Price above moving average, 3 or more candles with lower highs running consecutively, enter at break of last candlestick’s high.
  • For a Put trade: Price below moving averages, 3 or more candles with higher lows running consecutively, enter at break of last candlestick’s low.

Overview of this trading strategy

The arrows do not always occur, even when all conditions are met, so it is possible to miss a good trade with this strategy, so you should not only rely on this but look for trades yourself as well. Make sure your arrows are accurate before entering as this strategy can fail in ranging market conditions as well, and you could end up with some bad signals.  It is a great trend following strategy and tends to be on the conservative side, meaning less chance of failure over all. It also allows for more than 1 entry in a trend, meaning profits can be increased on a single trend. Having the arrows as a visual makes this strategy look cleaner and less complicated as well.


CALL Trade closed € 470 4 July 2017 EUR/JPY
CALL Trade closed € 335 4 July 2017 GBP/AUD
PUT Trade closed € 0 4 July 2017 EUR/GBP
PUT Trade closed € 299 4 July 2017 AUD/EUR
CALL Trade closed € 378 4 July 2017 USD/GBP
PUT Trade closed € 0 4 July 2017 USD/EUR
CALL Trade closed € 325 4 July 2017 EUR/JPY
PUT Trade closed € 490 4 July 2017 GBP/AUD
PUT Trade closed € 443 4 July 2017 AUD/EUR
PUT Trade closed € 324 4 July 2017 GBP/AUD
PUT Trade closed € 289 4 July 2017 EUR/GBP

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