100STO Strategy for trading Gold

This strategy is one of the simpler ones, but is still very profitable. It uses simple turns after rebounding from the trend lines. For this strategy you don’t have to know how to draw trend lines, as the indicator will draw them for you and even alert you. This Binary options strategy is mainly used for commodity trading. And does not work very well with FOREX.

How to setup the chart

Timeframe: M5
Template: 100 STO Strategy (Download strategy: Ulozto.net or eDisk)

How does this trading strategy work?

When trading gold or silver with this strategy, we wait until price touches automatically outlined trend lines and the red bull‘s eye is shown. Afterwards, we confirm the rebound using stochastic indicator. Trades are always made until the end of current hour (i.e. if current time is 14:20 then the expiration is set to 15:00) OR with 60 minute duration.

When to enter the trade

Buying a CALL option:

  • Price touches automatically generated bottom line
  • Red bull’s eye is shown
  • Stochastic indicator points up

Buying a PUT option:

  • Price touches upper line
  • Red bull’s eye is shown
  • Stochastic indicator points down

What does this strategy look like

100 STO StrategieI wish you good luck with this strategy!

Recommended broker for this strategy

BrokerMin. depositRatingTrade now!
200 USD9.8/10
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