Nithoos strategy - 75% success rate

Nithoos strategy was created by trader with more than 3-year experience in binary option trade. It is based on Price Action but uses also technical indicators. This strategy usually has 75% success rate.

How to setup the chart

Timeframe: M5
Template: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nithoo-1.tpl

How does this strategy work

This strategy was created by an experienced trader. The strategy consists of 4 indicators and an easy to understand template. You just pay attention to when the indicators show a clear signal to buy an option with 10 - 15 minutes expiration time. (According to your discretion and signals 🙂 ) It is recommended to use Fibonacci retracement for additional signal confirmation.

When to enter the binary trade

Buying a CALL option:

  • RSI indicates market oversel
  • Cycle Spike indicator shows an arrow pointing down and a blue rectangle
  • We will open a 10-15min trade on the next candle

Buying a PUT option:

  • RSI indicates market overbuy
  • Cycle Spike indicator shows an arrow pointing up and a red rectangle
  • We will open a 10-15min trade on the next candle

Strategy screenshot from META TRADER

Nithoos strategy for binary options screenshot

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Recommended broker for this strategy

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200 USD9.8/10
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  1. It’s the best scalper!!!
    90% of the transaction is justified, who is the author of this strategy?
    I’ve to thank him a lot

  2. Hi! It looks like nice strategy. Cicle Spike seems to be quite sensitive - it repaints itself, so we have to wait until the candle is closed and then make Call or Put.

  3. There is no RSI in the template but a scochastig indicator. Then there is another indicator which is not mentioned in your description.

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