The Indestructable strategy!

Indestructible is a 60 minute trade strategy based only on one indicator, therefore its use is very easy. This does not come at the expense of quality. And, if you use it wisely, it will bring you results.

How to setup the chart

Timeframe: 1H, 4H
Template: Download the strategy! UlozTo.Net file sharing

How does this strategy work

With this strategy we wait until there are be 2 adjacent candles with the same color. The color of the candles should correspond to color of the chart. Afterwards, we open a trade on the beginning of third candle. Expiration time is 60 minutes, but longer timeframes can also be used (for 4H - expiration 4H).

When to enter the trade

Buying a CALL option:

  • Green trend line
  • Two adjacent rising candles
  • Third candle appears

Buying a PUT option:

  • Red trend line
  • Two adjacent falling candles
  • Third candle appearsindestructible strategy
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