The best strategy of 2014 - BERSI

BERSI strategy made by Stephan P. was probably the most breakthrough strategy for binary options trading in the Czech republic in 2014. His strategy uses many indicators. While some of them may be obsolete, it is a good idea to have them enabled. It gives us an easy overview on the binary option market.

The strategy used to be proprietary and used to cost $50. Over one year passed since then and it is not longer being sold. After getting a permission from Stephan we think it is fair to share it with you.

How to setup the chart

Timeframe: M5 or M15
Template: BERSI (Download the strategy from: or edisk or even from

How does this strategy work?

BERSI uses various indicators (i.e. Initial Balance, Sellzone, RSI oscillator and Bollinger bands). Ideal position of all indicators and some nice formation of candles such as pinbar or three line strike should guarantee us a successful trade. For a better understanding you can watch videos from strategy author himself. Only in czech language unfortunately.

When to enter a trade

Buying a CALL option:

  • The price follows IB Daily and IB Weekly (stronger)
  • RSI indicator crosses upwards middle and sellzone (red line) points upwards (uptrend)
  • ADX indicator above 50

Buying a PUT option:

  • Price follows IB Daily and IB Weekly (stronger)
  • RSI indicator crosses downwards middle and sellzone (red line) points downwards (bear trend)
  • ADX indicator above 50

This is what the strategy looks like

bersi strategy

Binary options strategy bersi
There are possible trade entry moments shown on the chart

Recommended broker for this strategy

BrokerMin. depositRatingTrade now!
200 USD9.8/10
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  1. HI there

    For some reason MT4 does not work no matter what I try. I think it has something to do with the server but I cannot select a demoserver as there is not one listed. When I change the timescale from H4 to any other it says „waiting for update“ which never comes. No problems with MT5 but it does not see the MT4 bersi files. Any advice?

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