The new strategy Doubles!

Doubles strategy uses Bollinger bands which you may know already. Additionally, it also uses the MACD indicator which is suitable for binary option trade. And how do these indicator get along? Read on.

How to set up the chart

Timeframe: M5
Template: Stáhnout strategii

How does this strategy work

With this strategy, we are waiting for the price to enter and the current candle to close in the area between two outer Bollinger bands. Afterwards, we wait for a correction in direction of anticipated price progress and confirm this turn using MACD indicator. Strategy is very simple, but successful!

When to enter the trade

Opening a CALL option:

  • If the previous candle closed between the bottom green and violet Bollinger line.
  • The low of the previous candle did not get under green Bollinger curve.
  • MACD chart points upwards.
  • We will enter a call trade on next candle for 10-15min.

Opening a PUT option:

  • Previous candle closed between upper green and violet Bollinger curve.
  • Previous candle’s high did not get above green Bollinger curve.
  • MACD indicator points downwards.
  • We will enter a trade on next candle for 10-15min.

What this strategy looks like

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  1. Good day sir,

    I am looking for a reliable strategy and this one looks promising to me. Only issue is that I am using IQ Option. Is there a possibility to get the values of the BO and MACD? Then I can set it up in IQ Option.

    Kind regards

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